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Wins Wins Wins​

Hey There, 


From now on every week I’m going to be sharing recent wins from within our Platinum coaching group.




Well one, because I’m pretty damn proud of what me and my team have been able to accomplish with our clients over the past 8 years.

And two, because I know how powerful one man’s story can be towards inspiring another to take action in his life.

So without further or do, here’s the low down of what happened in our world last week…

Nate - After a serious neck injury put him out of commission for a good number of months he decided to take our next level mastermind and get back on track. Within less than a month he got a number off of a cute bartender (a task he thought to be impossible before). They’ve now been on a handful of dates, she fits the dream of what he wrote down in his outcomes when he first joined us and they are now in an amazing relationship. 

Jose - After going through a bit of a dry spell for a number of months now, he just last week went on a date with a professional cheerleader. They later that night ended back up at his place for wine and a back rub and I’ll leave it at that….


Dale - After going through a period of crippling anxiety holding him back from engaging in the social world, he’s now finding himself being consistently decisive when it comes to approaching attractive women. He said that recently he doesn’t even recognize himself. 


Jimmy - After finishing up a 2020 strategy calls with Jimmy, we calculated he’s been on 64 dates in the past 6 months all from using our bulletproof online dating methods. A year ago, he hadn’t been on a date in over 3 years. What a leap!!!

Lots of people talk a big game.


Very few can back it up the way The Upgraded Man can.


We’re changing lives every single day, and it’s something I’m immensely proud of.

If you want to see what it’s all about and are ready for massive transformation in your love life


Book a call with one of our coaches now for a free conversation about just that.


To your success,


- Adam Williams


Do women want rich guys with 6 pack abs?​

Do women want rich guys with 6 pack abs?


Of course they do. 


If you’re currently working your butt off to reach financial and health goals,

That’s great!


But it’s not enough. 

Because although a heavier pocket and harder guns may get you a second look,

Or a couple of minutes more attention 

That’s all it’s going to get you….

A foot in the door

And although a foot in the door is great

It’s not enough to land you an amazing girlfriend

Because if you’ve been a victim of limiting belief

Feelings of inadequacy around the women you want 

And habits of neediness that have ruined things in the past 

More financial wealth and better health do not fix these core issues. 

All too often we see guys putting their loves lives to one side 


And focusing all their attention on getting new cars, a house, fancy clothes, a better job, better health etc..

Hoping that one day they will be good enough.


But sadly they never get there

Instead, they fall back on the same mistakes

They push away and turn off the girls they want


And they always end up with the time wasting, hurtful ones. 


In the end, they find themselves worse off than before


Wasting years of their lives


Looking back with a lot of regret. 


In order to attract an amazing girlfriend, you have to work on your love life.

Simple as that. 


It takes just the same amount of effort as any other area of your life


It’s simply just a different focus point. 


Luckily the guys in The Upgraded Man group are consistently dating girls that rock their world


And getting into happy, healthy relationships with their special someone


While still crushing it in their business and health life.


There’s no reason the major pillars of life have to be mutually exclusive


There’s always a way for the committed


It just comes down to how sick and tired are you of being alone and do you want love. 


If that sounds like you, book a call with one of our coaches now to learn how our clients who were once clueless and frustrated are now living the kind of love life most guys only ever dream of. 




To your success, 


Adam Williams.

Have trouble asking for girls number?

I remember the first time I asked for a girls number…


It was back when I was fresh out of high school, I was following a bunch of dating advice blogs (back when the internet was brand new and the information out there was terrible).


It was before I had a cellphone and I was sooooo nervous that I actually dropped the pen and paper while handing it to her as I asked for her number…

She gave me her number sure, but I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even try and call her.


And after such a lousy experience I was afraid to ask for other women’s numbers for YEARS…


Lucky for me I figured out that there's a much faster way to learn how to get better with women.


After almost 5 years of trying to apply online dating advice and audio CD dating courses that cost me almost every dollar I had...


I finally swallowed my pride and found a coach.


When I first spoke to him on the phone, he immediately knew what I was doing wrong, and in a week I collected more phone numbers than I had in the past 5 years.


And that’s usually the case…


Most guys are clueless as to what they’re doing, and why would they have a clue? No one teaches us this stuff growing up!


Well that’s where we come in. So you don't have to waste year after year feeling alone, frustrated or inadequate like I did.

Yeah these calls are short, but often it’s the small simple tweaks -- small things you're doing that you're not aware of, that are turning women off to you.


And that’s all we really want for our community members…

We just want you dating awesome and hot girls, which is why we do these free calls!

But...please only schedule a call if you’re serious about improving your love life.

We have limited coaches, limited time, and we only want to take on guys who are serious, and who aren’t gonna cancel last minute.

If that’s you then click here now to book a call.

To your success,

Here's the fastest way to turn women off...

I want to tell you about an old client I talked to this past weekend, let’s call him Pete.

This dude is crushing it, gets laid all the time, meets beautiful women, and right now is dating TWO awesome girls, and he’s been trying to help his best friend...but his best friend isn’t on the same page.

As a matter of fact his best friend (although an awesome guy) attributes all of Pete’s success to having a good job, while he’s still in school and working at a pizza shop.

But here’s what that guy just isn’t seeing…


Pete LOVES himself.

He sees his own value.


He’s constantly working on himself.


He knows he’s going to provide a good time, give people value, make people feel good about themselves, and so much more…

And because he’s confident in his ability to make others feel good, women recognize that, and they’re drawn to him.


That’s because certain factors that are in Pete’s control, like his body language and mindset, are a lot more important than things like a nice job, a nice car, good looks, etc.


Not his job, he’s had that job for years, and only recently did he start getting this female attention.


That’s something we want all guys to understand…

You can increase your value.

And when you realize your value, you will attract the kind of women that have been “out of your league” for most of your life (until now that is).


Most of what women are attracted to is totally in your control.


And when you get on a free breakthrough call with one of our executive coacheswe’ll show you exactly what women find attractive in men, how to embody these qualities, and how to win over the women of your dreams.

That being said...only click that link if you’re serious.

We only offer these free calls to community members, we only have a few coaches, and we only have limited time.

So please don’t schedule a call if you’re not going to show up, let someone who’s serious about getting better with women, or who’s serious about finding the right woman get the slot.

If that’s you, then click here right now to book a call.


To Your Success,
Adam Williams


Why You Need to Stop Online Dating ASAP..

The other day I’m talking with one of my former coaches, who also happens to be my bff, and he told me he’s sworn off online dating…


Because he did a little experiment, and he found he can meet much more women in person, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

You see this dude is an online dating MASTER, as a matter of fact 5 years ago we lived in Vegas together, and I saw his skills first hand.

He was so good that I let him take over my match and okcupid profiles, and paid him $20 for every date he got me…

But I had to stop, because he was getting me so many dates that I didn’t have time (or money) to continue.

I literally had at least 7 dates a week…it was absolutely insane…

So if this dude can get new girls every night of the week with online dating sites...why did he quit?

His reasoning was simple, and I completely agree…


First off, there are only so many girls online.

You’re eventually going to message all the attractive girls in your area, and soon you won’t have any new women to talk to…

If you’re decent you’re going to meet a bunch of girls the first few months you join a site, but then the number of women you talk to and meet drastically declines after a few months...


Remember earlier how I told you my buddy did a little experiment?


What he did was simple...he went to a very popular bar, every single day, for two weeks to meet women…

Monday through Thursday he went for Happy Hour, Friday and Saturday he’d go there at night, and then he’d show up for Sunday brunch…


In those two weeks not only did he meet close to thirty he ended up going on dates with...


But he claims the women are hotter at bars than online. (this seems like a no brainer)

And of course if you get good enough there will be times when you’re on fire, get a few phone numbers, and still sleep with a girl you met that very night.


So why do guys even rely so heavily on online dating, when you can meet higher quality women in person?


Because it’s comfortable…


But this actually works to your many guys are dependent on online dating, which leaves women getting hit on a lot less when they go out, making meeting women today a whole lot easier…


That’s where we come in, click the link below, schedule a call with one of our executive coaches, and we’ll share with you some simple tips that makes meeting women when you’re out and about a breeze.



Click Here To Book A Call*


To your success,
-Adam Williams

*PS: We only offer these free breakthrough calls with our community members, because we want you guys to excel.


BUT...we only have a handful of executive coaches, which means our time and resources are limited, so only book the call if you’re serious, ready to learn, and are going to show up.

If that describes you then click the link below :)

Click here now to schedule a free breakthrough call with one of our executive coaches.


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